Cobra Class 26 vs. Cowboy 3200 Leather Sewing Machines

Cobra Class 26 vs. Cowboy 3200

Cobra Class 26 vs. Cowboy 3200 If you need a strong, high-quality sewing machine to work with leather, both the Cobra Class 26 and the Cowboy 3200 are excellent choices. Having the right computer is vital whether you’re working on personal projects or running a small business.

Cowboy 3200 vs. Cobra Class 26 Both of these machines are intended to function on a wide variety of leather products, such as wallets, belts, knife sheaths, and more.

Below you can find information to assist you to choose between the Cobra Class 26 and the Cowboy 3200 sewing machines.

Cobra Class 26 Leather Sewing Machine

To begin, the Cobra Class 26 leather sewing machine is a scaled-down version of the Cobra Class 4, but there are some key differences.

This machine features a compound feed walking foot, a high-quality and dependable digital DC servo motor, a digital servo motor speed reducer, and a fine-tune thread tension pre-tension mechanism to ensure tension concerns don’t prevent you from producing masterpieces on a regular basis.

The Cobra Class 26 sewing machine can handle all types of textile and leather up to 5/8″ thick.

The Cobra Class 26 sewing machine is great for making handbags and purses, holsters, and other accessories, as well as craft and home decorating projects. Thread sizes 46 through 407 are permissible, making all of your leather crafts much easier to work with.

This machine is akin to previous Cobra leather sewing machines, but it provides a more user-friendly technique to dealing with leather, similar to what a cylinder arm machine can accomplish.

It’s made for mild to medium-duty leatherwork and is easy to use even if you’ve never stitched with leather before.

The Cobra Class 26 leather sewing machine has a 10-inch cylinder arm, a large U-style bobbin that loads from the top, and the ability to use needles ranging from #16 to #24.

The stitch length is adjustable from 3 to 10 stitches per inch, and the machine comes with a 10-pack of size 22 needles, four bobbins, a spool of 138 Natural Thread, a thread stand, an LED super beam lamp, and an owner’s manual.

Cowboy Leather Sewing Machine CB3200

The Cowboy CB3200 is an industrial sewing machine developed especially for use on leather projects, but also bioplastics, cotton, webbing, and a range of other materials.

With the CB3200, you can sew up to half an inch of saddle leather and use nylon or polyester thread up to #346. The sewing surface is 37 inches from the floor, and the table measures 22 inches by 48 inches.”

Because the table is U-shaped, you may sit at it and work on your tasks at the same time, which is convenient. When you sit at the machine, you can work on standard and thinner materials with ease.

The CB3200 leather sewing machine even includes a 10.5-inch-long cylinder arm, which makes it excellent for manufacturing saddlebags, belts, collars, and even holsters. It contains a complicated triple-feed walking foot that allows all layers of fabric to move together, as well as Cowboy’s harness feet, which are stainless-steel presser feet.

The machine accommodates needles ranging from #18 to #27 (73 or 794) and comes with 78′′ x 1′′ bobbins to accommodate your projects. The highest speed of the machine is 800 RPM.

The best part is that you get everything you need to get started sewing right away, including bobbins and a bundle of 10 needles in the thread size of your choice.

The machine contains a two-stitch per inch maximum stitch length, a high-torque servo motor, a ball bearing 3:1 speed reduction, and a speed control knob on the front panel. Upgrades and extras are available, and the CB3200 comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Cowboy 3200 vs. Cobra Class 26 What Are the Differences?

One thing is certain: if you need a high-quality industrial sewing machine to accomplish projects made of leather or other thick fabrics, both the Cobra Class 26 and the Cowboy 3200 can be of assistance. As you can see, they are both fantastic machines capable of performing a variety of leather chores, but how do they differ? Let’s start with the qualities of the two while they’re sided by side. Comparisons of Cobra Class 26 and Cowboy 3200:

10′′ Cobra Class 26 cylinder arm / 10.5′′ Cowboy CB3200 cylinder arm

Accepted needle sizes range from #16 to #24. #18 through #27 Cobra Class 26 CB3200 Cowboy

Thread size supported: Cobra Class 26: #407 / Cowboy CB3200: up to #346

3 to 10 stitches per inch for Cobra Class 26 / 2 stitches per inch for Cowboy CB3200

The maximum thickness supported by Cobra Class 26 is 5/8 inch, and the maximum thickness supported by Cowboy CB3200 is 1/2 inch.

The Cowboy CB3200 costs $2,200, while the Cobra Class 26 costs $2,400.

Although the Cobra Class 26 is around $200 more expensive than the Cowboy CB3200 sewing machine, it can accommodate leather and cloth that is slightly thicker – five-eighths of an inch against half of an inch. It also has a stitch count range of 3 to 10, but the CB3200 only has a stitch count range of 2 to 3.

Nonetheless, the CB3200 sewing machine has a bigger cylinder arm and can accommodate needles up to #27 inches, whilst the Cobra Class 26 can only accommodate needles up to #24 inches. Some of these requirements may not be relevant to many sewers, but if they are, it’s good to know you have options.

Calfskin Vs Cowhide

What to Look for in a Commercial Sewing Machine

If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that if you’re going to work with leather, you’ll need more than a standard home sewing machine. Leather is difficult to deal with, especially when it is extra-thick, and it is extremely unforgiving. Consider the following attributes while deciding between different brands of industrial sewing machines:

A programmable servo motor

Instead of a friction clutch, a non-slip drive mechanism is used.

The working foot that will not damage the leather/fabric

A walking foot, often known as a compound walking foot

It is recommended to use a power speed reducer and/or a larger balancing wheel.

Most importantly, you require a machine manufactured by a reputable company that provides outstanding customer service when you require it. This is especially important if you’re a beginner since if you have a problem while working, you’ll want to make sure there’s someone around who can help you right away. Furthermore, when looking for the best leather sewing machine, the first thing you should do is choose which features will best meet your needs. Finally, this is the sole way to obtain the best sewing machine.


Leather sewing machines and industrial sewing machines come in a range of models and setups. The Cobra Class 26 and the Cowboy CB3200 are two excellent sewing machines that share many features. It is up to you to investigate them more in order to choose which one is ideal for you.

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The post Cobra Class 26 vs. Cowboy 3200 Leather Sewing Machines appeared first on

The post Cobra Class 26 vs. Cowboy 3200 Leather Sewing Machines appeared first on

The post Cobra Class 26 vs. Cowboy 3200 Leather Sewing Machines appeared first on