Heras Fence Covers – What Are They and How Do You Make Them?

Builders and tradespeople love Heras Fence Covers

They hide construction sites from public view while also promoting their brand. The printed mesh fence material allows air to travel through, reducing wind loads.

Heras Fencing Panels are an industry standard for temporary fencing and are manufactured by Heras.

Each panel is 3500mm broad and 2000mm tall.

Heras Fence Panels are typically galvanised and made of 38.1mm diameter tube.



Mesh Heras Fence Cover

Thousands of microscopic holes in our mesh material allow wind to pass through, lowering wind stress and making the fences less prone to fly over. Banners made of standard PVC can act as enormous sails, causing panels to collapse.

Unlike other types of advertising banners and signage, Heras Fencing banners with full colour printing rarely require planning approval in city centres. While hoarding panels are typically a one-time use item, Heras fencing screening covers can be reused on several locations. Outdoor events, construction sites, and temporary fencing covers are all possibilities. Look no farther for a Heras-branded fence.

Our fencing covers are made to suit a standard-sized Heras fence and are secured with plastic cable ties. Our coverings, unlike regular Heras fencing netting, can be utilised to advertise, provide project information, or provide critical health and safety information.

Fencing Covers for Construction Sites

Heras fence panels around building sites may be unsightly, but they offer an exciting and underutilised opportunity for brand visibility and communication. Professionals choose mesh because it allows wind to get through while also preventing the panels from being blown over.

The printed Heras covers provide some seclusion while also providing a pleasing view for passing motorists. Simple brand logos, full-color photographic images, artist impressions, and powerful slogans all perform effectively. Housing site fence covers give your brand and development a strong aesthetic appeal. We print in full colour so you may brand your covers with CGI images of your site so customers can get a true sense of what to expect, which could lead to a sale.

Fence Banners Made to Order

We print in full colour from your artwork, so any design or branding is feasible. Use them to promote your company, health and safety, or public service announcements.
Fence Coverings Banners

Wind-loading on fence panels is reduced using our specific mesh materials with wind holes, while still delivering a great graphic effect for information and advertising.

115gsm AirMesh Flag

The most appropriate material for Mesh Fencing Covers is AirMesh Flag. Micro-holes in a robust but lightweight 115gsm Polyester Fabric allow wind gusts to pass through. These vivid and eye-catching covers are printed in full colour using dye-sublimation technology.

330gsm PVC Mesh

Mesh Fence Covers made of PVC Mesh are a great option. Wind can pass through micro pores in the material.

300gsm PVC AirMesh

This PVC Mesh has a more open weave, which allows more air to move through while maintaining graphic impact.

Mesh Banner for the Environment

The Eco Mesh Banner is made of 100% recycled materials and is free of PVC. Ideal for environmentally friendly construction projects.

Size of Heras Fencing Banners

A basic Heras fence panel is 3.5m by 2m in height, including the legs. Our Heras fencing covers are 3370mm x 1755mm in size and have angled top corners to fit your fence panels snugly.

The size of some Heras fence panels may vary somewhat. Please double-check the dimensions of your fence panels and let us know if they differ from 3.5m x 2m.

Custom sizes of printed Heras fencing screening are available; see our PVC Mesh product page for more information. Individual fence panels or continuous lengths to wrap around an entire perimeter in one go are available.

Heras fencing covers – Information

Completely weatherproof
45-degree shaped top corners
Fence netting that is ready to install and is ideal for brand promotions
Information about health and safety is ideal.
Hide any ugly parts from public view.
Advertising that is simple but effective


Band Banners and Backdrops

Design Ideas for Heras Fence Covers

Make sure you’re designing at the proper size.

Depending on the software you use, you can create your cover at actual size or to scale. Make sure your final print file scales up proportionally to the size of the banner you bought. Use our PDF template, which you may download.

Consider including eyelets in your design.

Make sure no vital information is within 100mm of the edge of your Heras cover design; this will provide you with enough area for eyelets, hems, and other finishing options. Background images and visuals are ideal, but text, numbers, and logos should be avoided. Safe places are highlighted in our PDF artwork template.

Please convert your artwork to CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black).

Set your artwork to CMYK, which corresponds to the printing process. Colours may not appear as intended if your artwork is in RGB mode.

Matching Colours

It is feasible to match colours to Pantone references, but it will take longer and cost more. Unless you specify a colour match in your purchase, files containing Pantone colours will be converted to CMYK.

Principles of Design

Fence covers are mostly used as a form of advertisement. Consider how far away your intended audience will be before displaying content that is difficult to read. Is your cover going to be seen from afar? The contrast should therefore be high, and the typefaces should be readable. If you try to jam too much information onto a cover, the text may become unreadable!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use Mesh Material For Fence Banners?

Thousands of tiny holes per metre in mesh material allow air to move through. Wind-loading on temporary fencing is reduced as a result of this.

What Is The Best Mesh Material For Fencing?

Because it has a more open weave with slightly larger holes, Air-Mesh PVC lets in more wind. Eco Mesh Banner is 100% recyclable and PVC-free, making it ideal for environmentally concerned applications. The most cost-effective option is standard mesh PVC, while the Premium AirMesh Flag has the nicest appearance.

Fence Banners: How Much Do They Cost?

For a quick price, enter height, width, and quantity into the calculator on each of our product pages.

What is the purpose of a printed Heras Fence Cover?

Heras fence coverings are perfect for promoting your company’s logo, brand, or development. Any construction site should have branded Heras fence coverings since it makes the site safer by avoiding small particles or rubble from injuring the public. Using an electronically generated image of your intended development on your printed fence coverings is a terrific concept. Having photographs of the location when it’s finished piques people’s interest in the project and could lead to more sales.

Do you charge more if there are multiple pieces of art?

No, there are no additional fees for purchasing several artworks.

Is there a template that I can use to create my artwork?

Yes, we have a PDF template that you can use.

What is the best way to install premium Heras fence banners?

These have eyelets all the way around and are completed to size. Simply use cable ties to secure them to the Heras Fence.

Is the material used to make the heras mesh cover flame resistant?

Yes. To comply with all EU/UK requirements, our AirMesh is flame retardant. After printing to BS5867-2:2008, we had our AirMesh tested. Type B is the most common

What’s the difference between your three varieties of fence banners?

A mesh fabric is our most expensive option. Lightweight but robust, easy to store, and can be used again and again if properly cared for. Standard Mesh PVC and Air Mesh PVC, both of which have bigger holes for greater wind loading, are also available.

How long does it take to make and deliver them?

The normal lead time from order to delivery is 5-6 working days. If you need them sooner, please contact us.

Fencing by Heras

Heras Fencing Panels are an industry standard for temporary fencing and are manufactured by Heras.

Each panel is 3500mm broad and 2000mm tall.

Heras Fence Panels are typically galvanised and made of 38.1mm diameter tube.

Barriers for  Pedestrians

Heras and others produce an industry standard for pedestrian guidance and control.

Panels are typically 2300mm wide by 1200mm high and are connected by hooks.

Other Names for Heras Fencing

The company ‘Heras’ is most known in the UK for producing big metal mesh temporary fence panels, hence the terms ‘Heras Fencing’ and ‘Heras Fence Panels.’

Because it’s a strange word, they’re also known as…

Harris Fencing, Aris Fencing, Herras Fencing, Herris Fencing, Heris Fencing, Harras Fencing, Haras Fencing, Harras Fencing, Haras Fencing

Heras Fencing Covers are also referred to by a variety of terms. Here are a few examples…

Covers for Heras Fencing
Fence Covers by Heras
Fence Banners by Heras
Fence Scrim Heras Fence Scrim

Our mesh fabrics are perfect for use on heras fence panels and other structures because the small holes in the fabric allow wind to pass through, minimising wind-loading.

We can print any design in full colour on any size and quantity of fence banners.




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