How to Create Eye-Catching YouTube Thumbnails

Making Attractive Preview Images for Videos on YouTube

In today’s digital age, creating an enticing YouTube thumbnail is critical if you want to attract viewers and grow a subscriber base. It’s difficult to stand out when billions of films have already been submitted to the site. Yet, with a little creativity and work, you can make thumbnails that will catch people’s attention and bring new visitors to your channel.

We’ll show you how to create eye-catching thumbnails for your YouTube videos so they stand out from the throng. We’ll go through some thumbnail best practises for many devices, including choosing colours, typefaces, and pictures. If you follow our suggestions, you’ll be able to create thumbnails that will entice people to subscribe to your channel and watch your videos. Let’s get started right away!

Choosing Color Schemes for Your Thumbnails

When creating attractive YouTube thumbnails, using the right colour palette is critical. The colours you pick for your thumbnail will greatly influence how appealing it is to visitors and whether or not they click on your video.

When selecting a colour scheme for your thumbnail, consider the subject matter of your video and the emotion you want to convey. Using contrasting colours in a lecture video, for example, may assist viewers focus on what’s most important. Pastel colours might assist a film with a more artistic or creative tone. Make sure the colours you choose compliment one another rather than conflict with one another.

It’s also vital to employ colour theory while creating thumbnails. Utilizing colours that are diametrically opposed on the colour wheel (i.e., those that sit on opposing sides of the colour wheel) can help your thumbnail attain the desired appearance and feel. Avoid using too many colours, which will make your thumbnail harder to notice and appear less professional.

Finally, while choosing a colour scheme, keep everyone in mind. If you want people with visual impairments to be able to read the text in a thumbnail, make sure the text stands out against the background and there is adequate contrast between the various features. Choose an eye-catching colour palette to highlight the most interesting aspects of your videos if you want your YouTube thumbnails to attract more viewers and clicks.

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Using Fonts to Make Your Thumbnails Stand Out

It’s important to pay some care to the typefaces you choose when producing attention-grabbing YouTube thumbnails. Finding a legible typeface that complements your brand and the mood you want to set for your film is important. You should also use a large font that displays well on all devices.

Choose a bold, attention-grabbing font to use in your thumbnail. Make the title and description of your film stand out by using a strong typeface, such as Impact or Arial Black. Modern and easy to read, Open Sans and other sans serif fonts are also great choices.

If you want your thumbnail to stand out, choose an attractive typeface like Lobster or Pacifico. You may make your video’s thumbnail stand out by using fancy fonts. Keep that mind that using sophisticated typefaces too often might distract from the overall message of your thumbnail, and use them sparingly.

Just two different fonts should be used in a single thumbnail if you really must use more than one. If you choose two fonts that go well together, you may create visual harmony while keeping your message’s various elements clear and easy to read. Furthermore, maintain a consistent font size to ensure legibility across devices of varying screen sizes and resolutions.

Combining interesting and legible fonts is essential for creating appealing YouTube thumbnails that will encourage visitors to click on your video.

Incorporating Images into Your Thumbnails

Pictures are eye-catching and add interest to what may be a dry summary. Choose what impression you want your thumbnail to make on viewers. How do you want your listeners to feel? The visuals you choose in your video should enhance its mood and help the viewer understand the story fast.

If the video features you, including a photo of yourself in the thumbnail is a good idea. It’s a fantastic method of connecting with your viewers and setting your video out from the others. Adding text overlays to your thumbnail is another way to catch people’s eyes. Use emojis or other eye-catching graphics in your text overlays to make them stand out even more.

Pictures used as thumbnails should be of high quality, with detailed characteristics, to avoid seeming amateurish when scaled down. Make sure the quality of any stock photos or images you intend to use is high enough to prevent blurriness on mobile devices and larger monitors. Be wary of copyright laws when using stock photos; it’s better to pay reputable firms for their images than to take any chances downloading them for free.

If you include relevant photos in the thumbnails of your YouTube videos, you may get more views and clicks. Create engaging thumbnails that will entice viewers to click through and watch by following these recommendations.

Optimizing Thumbnails for Different Devices

When settling on a YouTube thumbnail, it’s crucial to consider how it will look on different devices. Your video’s accessibility should be optimised for playback on all devices, from desktop computers to smartphones.

The highest-resolution photo may be scaled down to thumbnail size for various displays. This will ensure that the thumbnail looks the same on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Sizes like 1280 x 720 pixels, acceptable for desktop and mobile devices, are recommended.

Your mobile thumbnails should adapt to the fact that most people see their phones portrait-style. If you want your thumbnail’s text to be legible on mobile devices, you should aim for a minimum font size of 24 points.

Finally, if you want photographs or text to overlap in your thumbnail design, experiment with different background colours or textures. This will help keep the design’s overlapping elements from blurring too much on a smaller screen, making it easier to read.

Experimenting with Different Thumbnails for Maximum Reach

Trying out a few different thumbnails is the simplest method to determine your target audience’s preference. Try experimenting with different image and text overlays in your movies to learn more about your viewers’ preferences.

The best way to conduct A/B testing is to create a few slightly different versions of your thumbnails and see how they perform. If one of your thumbnails does very well compared to the others, you may decide to make it the movie’s primary picture instead. To further increase engagement, you may utilise this personalised thumbnail in other advertising mediums such as social media posts or emails.

It’s also important to monitor each thumbnail’s click-through rate (CTR) and VPI (views per impression) (VPI). These metrics might be used to determine which thumbnail layouts are more engaging to your ideal audience.


This article looked at some of the most crucial aspects of creating captivating YouTube thumbnails. This information should make creating engaging YouTube thumbnails that reach your intended audience a snap. Please share your best and most original YouTube thumbnails with us in the comments section.

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