Rent a Car in Oslo – All You Need to Know

Rent a Car in Oslo

You will most likely wish to rent a car for your vacation in Norway. Oslo has a plethora of excellent automobile rental firms that provide cheap pricing and a wide range of rental vehicles. There are various options for hiring a car from Oslo’s airport. This page will teach you how much it costs to hire a car from the Gardermoen OSL airport, what types of rental cars are available, and when to rent a car in Oslo.

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Cost of renting a car in Oslo – Gardermoen OSL Airport

Before you begin, keep in mind that automobile rental in Oslo – Gardermoen, OSL Airport, will necessitate a deposit. This deposit is charged to your credit card and is not refundable until the insured event occurs. This deposit is frequently referred to as an Excess Fee. Read the FAQ on the Excess Fee to avoid paying this fee.

You can select the best automobile rental company from among those accessible at the airport based on the vehicle’s class. Car rental firms in Oslo often offer a wide range of automobiles, from cheap to luxury. You can rent a premium automobile, a minivan, or an eight-seater SUV for a more opulent experience. Some car rental businesses will even provide you with an electric vehicle. Renting a car will allow you to explore the city and surrounding areas more freely. You can also rent a car for a longer period of time and pick it up at a different place if you like. To save money and time, make sure you investigate your rental business’s policies and choose the correct automobile rental provider.


Enterprise is the most popular car rental company at Oslo – Gardermoen Airport, ensuring exceptional service and dependability. The final cost will vary greatly depending on the type of vehicle you require. In general, however, returning the automobile to Oslo – Gardermoen will result in a lesser price than returning it elsewhere. Furthermore, FOX car rental has the best price for the Hyundai Accent. This vehicle is classified as Economy, yet its fuel efficiency makes it an economical choice.

Consider the number of passengers and luggage in addition to the vehicle’s size. Some companies charge around $25 for a one-day rental. Others charge by the day, with a four-day rental costing between $450 and $680. Renting two cars may be a better alternative if you’re travelling with a large group. Consider hiring two automobiles if you have a small family. You can share the expense of renting a multi-seat vehicle this way.

Don’t forget to rent a car while you’re in Norway. Car rental choices are available at Oslo Gardermoen OSL Airport. For many visitors, Europcar is the best option. Their new vehicles are reasonably priced. You can also rent a van or a minibus at this airport. Despite its low costs and courteous service, Europcar is delighted to greet you at the airport. Simply bring a photo ID and your driver’s licence.

You can locate a car rental provider that allows you to cancel your reservation for free. When reserving your car rental in Oslo – Gardermoen OSL Airport, make sure to bring the necessary paperwork. You should also make certain that no personal items are left in the vehicle. Leaving any of your personal belongings in the car may result in additional charges.

Car rental options in Oslo – Gardermoen OSL Airport

Renting a car in Oslo is a popular mode of transportation, and the good news is that you can do it directly at the airport. You may explore Norway at your own leisure if you have a car. Use Skyscanner to find the best prices on inexpensive car rentals in Oslo. The airport also provides a choice of rental car kinds, ranging from luxury vehicles to economical vehicles, so you may select a model that meets your demands and budget.

The airport is wide and straightforward, with flexi-gates that allow you to switch from domestic to international departures. Rental vehicle companies are located in the arrivals area, with LED signs directing you to the correct location. You can rent a car for one day, a week, a month, or a year, and you can pay as you go.

You can rent an SUV if you require a car with a lot of luggage capacity. The airport also offers a wide range of automobile rental options, from economical cars to full-size sedans. You can also rent a car with a small boot and no trunk if you choose. To make the most of your time in Oslo, fill up at the Circle K Gardermoen station.

You will have several rental car options when choosing a car rental in Oslo – Gardermoen. You can rent a budget automobile to explore the city or a luxurious SUV for a family holiday. AVIS, SIXT, BUDGET, and HERTZ are among the automobile rental firms available at Oslo – Gardermoen OSL Airport.

If you need to travel to the city centre quickly, you may also rent a car in Oslo. The city centre is only 22 miles distant, so you won’t have to rely on public transit to get around. VIPCars provides 24-hour customer service to help you choose a rental automobile that meets your needs. Don’t be afraid to make a reservation because the firm is committed to serving your demands.

At OSL Airport, you may rent a car from a variety of companies, including Enterprise. When you rent a car from Enterprise, you can expect dependability and excellent service. Prices start at $51 per day, with discounts and extras available if you rent a car from Enterprise. The Hyundai Accent is the most popular of all the rental cars in Oslo – Gardermoen. It is reasonably priced to rent and is fuel efficient.

Many companies provide a diverse choice of vehicles at various price points. Enterprise rents a wide range of automobiles, from tiny cars to full-size sedans. You can find a Ford Focus, Nissan Sentra, Volkswagen Jetta, and other budget-friendly vehicles. If you’re going on a road trip, you’ll need a vehicle that can transport all of your belongings and get you home safely. Another popular rental vehicle is the Honda CR-V. This dependable car is ideal for road trips or vacations with the family. It’s roomy, efficient, and packed with safety measures. It’s a good alternative for passengers and luggage. It’s also ideal for business and family road vacations. A car with this type of performance can make the trip more comfortable, but it is not for everyone.

To rent a car, some firms request additional documents, such as a debit card. Some of these businesses need you to supply a credit card in the name of the primary driver. Debit cards are also accepted, though rental firms may have special terms. For example, before making a reservation, you should always check to see if your bank card has international validity. If you are travelling with a debit card, you might think about adding additional insurance to your reservation. If you are travelling with youngsters, this choice may be advantageous.

The best time to rent a car in Oslo is when you arrive at Gardermoen OSL Airport.

Car rental businesses at Oslo – Gardermoen OSV Airport have varying regulations regarding the optimum time to rent a car. You should research the policies of the various rental car companies before selecting on one. You can also compare automobile rental costs by visiting the rental car counters at Oslo Central Station and Torp Sandefjord Airport.

When hiring a car at Oslo – Gardermoren OSL Airport, take your age in mind. Young drivers may have to pay more for a car than those over the age of 70. Learn more about car rental prices and costs for drivers under the age of 25 by visiting the “Young Drivers” tab. If you wish, you can drive a luxury or premium vehicle.

Renting a car is a terrific way to get around Oslo. Renting a car will allow you to explore the city and surrounding areas more freely. You can also rent a car for a longer period of time and pick it up at a different place if you like. To save money and time, make sure you investigate your rental business’s policies and choose the correct automobile rental provider.

The majority of car rental firms impose age limitations. If you are under the age of twenty-one, be aware that you may be charged more than you anticipated if you rent a car during these hours. This implies that you should carefully schedule your pickup and return timings to avoid paying more than you meant. If you intend to depart Oslo – Gardermoen OSL Airport at midday, you should arrange a rental car for that time.

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