Scaffold Banners – Comprehensive Guide to Manufacture and Design

Scaffold banners, also known as scaffolding banners, are printed banners that are commonly created with pole pocket sleeves. Pockets on the top and bottom make installation easier by allowing the scaffolding poles to slide through. Scaffold banners offer several options and can be printed in any size. Scaffolding banners may also contain hems and eyelets in addition to pole pockets. We recommend finishing larger banners with a hem and eyelets. For large banners and building coverings, we can offer a reinforced hem. Reinforced hems strengthen and last longer by adding an extra layer of reinforcing material around the outside of the banner.

What is the purpose of a scaffold banner?

Scaffold banners are a great way to advertise your scaffolding or construction company. Scaffold banners are used by construction companies to promote a new home or restoration project. Using the scaffold in conjunction with branding is a valuable marketing tool that should not be overlooked. Scaffold banners are cheap, reusable, and durable.

Which scaffolding banner is the best?

The purpose of the banner will decide which scaffold banner is best for your requirements. Mesh material is better suited for extremely large scaffolding banners due to its reduced wind loading properties. Larger banners behave in the wind like sails; hence a mesh material is advised to allow airflow through the banner face. Single-sided quality PVC or block-out banners may be used to create scaffolding banners as small as 2-4 square meters. Block-out banners may be single-sided or double-sided, depending on your demands, with block-out material giving the most strength.

Scaffold Banners

Scaffold Banners, Scaffolding Wraps, and Scaffolding Signs are all available from Banner World. Our Banners, Building Wraps, and Signs are heavy-duty, long-lasting, and functional – without the added expense. They are ideal for brand scaffolding and are an excellent way to conceal an ugly perspective.

Scaffold Advertising Banners may be manufactured in any size to meet your needs, ranging from modest 1m x 1m scaffolding banners to large building wraps.

Double Sided Scaffold Banners

Two-sided scaffolding banners are great for showing your brand on both sides. Double-sided scaffold signs printed on light-stop block-out material will not allow light to flow through. Scaffold banners are double-sided and printed on a super-durable 650gsm banner material with excellent rip resistance.

There are two-sided or double-sided scaffolding banners available with pole pockets or hem and eyelets. Double-sided banners are ideal for producing smaller banners, such as those less than 5m square. Scaffolding banners bigger than 5m square may be printed; however, they should be printed on a mesh. Large mesh banners are less likely to be destroyed by wind and harsh weather.

Heavy-duty scaffolding banners

Heavy-duty scaffolding banners are the same as double-sided scaffolding banners. The key distinction is that heavy-duty scaffolding banners are printed only on one side, leaving the reverse blank.

Printing Mesh Scaffold Banners

Mesh scaffold banners are suitable for large scaffolding banners and customized building covers. The use of a mesh printed surface reduces wind pressure on the banner. Mesh scaffolding signs, which have a printed face made up of hundreds of tiny holes, are great for outdoor banners. Larger banners are better suited to mesh since wind may flow through and lessen wind stress. Because of the reduced wind loading, banners may be printed bigger without the risk of wind damage from high gusts. For scaffolding banners and large building covers that need extra ventilation, we suggest using our air mesh banner material. Air mesh may give up to 2.5 times the wind flow of standard mesh, making it a great choice for stormy weather.

Single-sided scaffolding banners made of PVC

Standard-sized PVC scaffolding banners. Low-cost PVC scaffold banners, ideal for small to medium-sized banners. Strong banner material with hems and eyelets, as well as pole pockets, is available. Because of the low cost per item, it is ideal for leaving on scaffolding projects for lengthy periods of time. It also provides excellent marketing value at a low cost per item.

What is a scaffold banner reinforced pole pocket?

A scaffold banner may flow through a scaffold tube and cling to the scaffolding using pole pockets. Reinforced scaffold banner pockets are high-frequency welded, as is customary. For every banner with pole pockets, we use high-frequency welding as the usual pocket finishing procedure. To build a reinforced pocket, we first weld and then overstitch as normal. Over stitching adds a layer of protection to a pocket, preventing it from tearing at the welded seam edges.

What is a scaffolding banner reinforced hem?

A reinforced hem is a standard hem with an additional strip of reinforcement webbing soldered to the back of the banner. Because the reinforcing tape is so robust, the hem is three times stronger than a conventional hem. For large mesh scaffolding banners, we normally prefer the reinforced hem option.

How can scaffold banners be made to last longer?

Scaffolding flags, like any other living organism, can only live if properly cared for. To begin, make sure your scaffold banners are securely attached to your scaffolding to avoid tearing. Banners that are too loose will flap and eventually rip. A well-fitting banner should not flap in the breeze. When a flag flaps, it indicates that it is pushing against something. As it goes through the pole pockets, the banner may brush against the poles, eventually wearing down the sleeves. A loose banner, for example, maybe flying against a wall or anything similar. Your banner will survive longer if you prevent it from shifting. Wipe off your banners after use with a wet cloth or anything like. Cleaning removes the buildup of grime and dirt. Install them lower down the scaffolding, where they will be less exposed to the elements while still being more visible to prospective customers.

How do you make a scaffold banner?

The design of a scaffolding banner must be simple and eye-catching. It’s easy to get carried away with accrediting logos and the like, but is this really essential for advertising? Keep in mind that your scaffold banners will be seen from afar. As a consequence, creating a straightforward and to-the-point design is crucial. The best scaffolding banners feature both the company name and the phone number. As long as the URL is short, feel free to add it. If the website is lengthy and difficult to read, I would delete it to keep the design simple.

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